The fascination towards clothing embroidery still lives until now. But it takes a considerable amount of skill, patience, and creativity to come up with intricate custom embroidery designs. The techniques used in producing such have already evolved. Not surprisingly, machine embroidery now exists where embroidery designs are made through digital technology. These computerized embroidery works are preferred by more people since they get the job done a little sooner compared to manual embroidery.

Impressions takes on detailed embroidery services using our modern machinery. Our embroidery designs are influenced by different styles, shapes, sizes and inspirations to complement any project. Whether you want to update your wardrobe, personalized hat embroidery, add a splendid embroidery to your home decor or just want to add an aesthetic value to your table linens, our embroidery thread can work the wonders for you!

Our modern machinery creates embroidery designs consisting of :

Different Styles




As a dynamic and innovative printing services company, we always come up with exciting designs that are suitable for all your demands. If our designs aren’t your cup of tea, we also specialize in custom embroidery. Our digital workmanship ranges from high quality workwears down to your house decors.

Whether you are attending a black tie event and want to stand out from the crowd or an emerging designer who is very particular with details, our embroidery services can meet your demands. Designs are essential but details are everything. Our digitizers are set to exemplify the latest trends in clothing embroidery, fashion, and designs for splendid results.

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We make this transition of our embroidery thread to your fabrics clean and flawless. Our custom embroidery can actually transform your company uniform, personal sweatshirt, t-shirt or gown into an undeniable eye candy.

Using industry-leading technologies in machine embroidery and embroidery thread manipulation, our digitizing software lets us transform patterns to embroidery designs. Before decorating garments, we provide plenty of stitch-outs to make sure that your preference such as color, size and designs are met. With our machine embroidery, your time is saved, precision is achieved and quality is never compromised.