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Marketing Services

We provide our customers the opportunity to make their event flyers better and appealing to their target market. Our product label printing include tarpaulin printing, car decals cutting services and printing, billboard printing, menu,brochures and event flyers, outdoor and indoor sticker printing, panaflex, build-up and sticker signages, souvenir programs and product labels among others. Our creative team is dedicated to providing innovative business solutions that are in harmony with your concepts and brand image.

As we believe that every design and printing job should reflect the client’s character and
personality, we make it our mission to make product label printing project as personalized as it can be. We are confident to offer our comprehensive package of printing services and cutting services because of the modern machinery present at our press shop at the moment.

Embroidering Service
Printing Service

We Go Above and Beyond

While the flagship work of our press shop focuses on product label printing, we also take on customized jobs. We take billboard printing and create custom wedding invitations, graduation invitations, car decals, embroidery and award plaques. We give you the chance to personalize and see your invitations before they are printed. We also have ready-made templates for your needs, but you can instruct our graphic artists on how you want your invitations or embroidery be done. Whatever you want, our press shop makes sure that your invitations are flawless upon printing them. We take pride in our personalized approach as we make sure that your meticulous tastes are always satisfied, like how an embroidery thread would end up as an incredible embroidery art.

Whether through printing services or cutting services, we enjoy a collaboration with our clients. Over time, they have truly become our friends as while we foster good business relationships with the. We start and end with communication and we understand the importance of consistency when it comes to business collateral. Discuss your ideas and goals with us and we will come up with designs that will surely boost your branding and convey your message fast.
Calling Cards
T-Shirt Printing Service
Cellphone Casing Customization

Some of our specific services include:

Billboard Printing

Souvenir Programs and Product Labels

Menu,Brochures and Flyers

Outdoor and Indoor Sticker Printing

Personal and Corporate Giveaways

Plaques, Medals and Other Awards

Graphic Design i.e. Logos and Other Graphic Layouts

Customized T-shirt Printing

Panaflex, Build-up and Sticker Signage

Outdoor Vehicle Sticker Cutting and Printing

Photography and Art Crafts

UV printing on Canvas, Aluminum, Tiles, Acrylic Plastic and Phone Cases