About Us

Mark Anthony Gue wanted to make something tangible out of his creative ideas. It was when he had chosen to set up a printing company that provides custom printing service in his search for a business that closely matches his interests. Together with his girlfriend, he then started Impression last November 18, 2013 with a handful of equipment and few skilled people. A year after, they were able to hire more people and purchase more machinery. Impressions has been growing since then as a printing press offering paper cutting services and custom sticker printing to name a few.
In line with our dedication to improve customer satisfaction each time, we make our graphic artists directly accessible to our clients. This is our way of saying that we are not doing them a favor by serving them; instead, they are doing us the favor by allowing us to do so. Impression is a different printing company in that we take the time to know our customers as well as their needs. If you’re looking for a custom printing service company that treats its customers as friends, then we are happy to let you be part of our family.
We take pride in our close relationship with our new and old clientele. Our honest, sincere and thoughtful treatment to our clients, be it regular or walk in, have allowed us to be constantly referred to friends and families for paper cutting services, custom sticker printing and others. As your compassionate printing company, we always give our hundred percent service all the time so you get the value for your investment.

Having a complete range of printing services, we are poised in exercising industry’s best practices whether in our custom printing, paper cutting services, custom embroidery and others. We are critical with the quality of our products that is why we do periodic machine maintenance. Ultimately, we believe in the fruits of total customer service that is why we empower our staff to be the best that they can be. Our mission is to continually focus on innovating our trade for growth and better service.

The success of Impressions. Press. Print. Cut as an alternative printing press is the result of the concerted efforts of our skilled and dedicated staff, the loyalty of our customers, and the support of our friends and families. This is just the start of a one-off, animated roller coaster ride.

At Impressions, we bring your creative imagination to life!